Make A Difficult Conversation Less Difficult

Now is a great time to check-in, assess and evaluate how well you are achieving your 2014 goals. For example, are your teams communicating effectively, focused on results, and reaching their KPI’s? If the answer is “yes”, congratulations and keep up the good work! If the answer is “no” or “not as well as we’d like”, then maybe it’s time to ask why!

When you are not performing at your best, or your organisation is not achieving the results you want it to, you may need to have a difficult conversation. We all need to have difficult conversations from time to time. And it’s an important part of a managers or team leaders role when managing other people.

One of the things I have learnt talking to people is that many of us tend to avoid difficult conversations. If this is you, then you are not alone! It’s one conversation that most people dread, yet they are so critical to your success. You wont be able to grow your business, speak to difficult customers or manage a team unless you know how to have a difficult conversation.

There are many factors at play and no two conversations will be the same, but click below and in just a few minutes, I’ll provide you with some simple practical steps you can take when faced with a difficult conversation. Follow these steps and your difficult conversations will be less difficult!

If your team are not communicating well, or you are not confident about difficult conversations, please contact me to discuss the proven strategies that will boost your communication skills quickly and easily!

Here is what Cathy, Service Coordinator at St.Vincent De Paul had to say about a communication workshop I ran last week: “Your workshop provided me with lots of fabulous information and tools to use with staff.The topics you discussed were very relevant and I’ve learnt how important it is to be aware of my team’s communication styles. It was a great workshop, thank you”