What’s your happiness strategy?

You may think that the health and happiness of your team has nothing to do with you BUT there is lots of evidence that now proves that health has both a direct and indirect effect on an individual’s ability to perform well at work.

[note title=’Research indicates that happy and healthy employees:’]
  • Have less sickness and absenteeism
  • Have higher morale and positive working relationships
  • Have less stress and higher morale
  • Have fewer workplace injuries and accidents
  • Have higher productivity and achieve more in their day. In fact, the healthiest employees are three times more productive than their unhealthy colleagues.

So what’s your happiness strategy?

Of course you can’t make people exercise, eat nutritious food and stop smoking, but you can do lots of things to encourage your team to get healthy and energised and learn how to cope with challenges at work. This WILL make them happier and more productive.

Importantly, your team need to know how to manage stress. Stress is one of the major causes of low workplace morale and low productivity. When someone is under stress, they are not able to concentrate at work or communicate as effectively, and that makes them less productive. They frequently take more time off too, since they are sick more often. This can disrupt work and put more pressure on the rest of the team which lowers morale.

So it’s worthwhile prioritising stress management skills as part of your induction process and ongoing training and development program as training will give your employees the knowledge and skills they need to face challenges and deal with stress effectively

Exercise is very important too. Exercise is good for the mind and body! Not only does physical exercise increase the happy hormones, it helps people have more energy and get better sleep. And, helping your team members have a healthy mind means they will manage stress more confidently, be resilient and have more positive relationships with colleagues and clients.

I encourage you to put some plans in place now to increase the health and happiness of your team, if you need any help with this please call me to arrange a consultation.