With an increasing amount of research on culture at work, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that a healthy culture is the secret behind high performing teams and organisations.

I’ve prioritized building awesome teams and cultivating healthy work environments for many years and have found that the most successful teams and organisations have some common attributes.

These attributes are not fully developed in teams that experience challenges such as a higher incidence of disengaged employees, resistance to change, workplace accidents, bullying and harassment, poor communication, conflict, complaints and poor customer service. These challenges erode your team’s productivity, creativity, innovation, communication, relationships and resilience.

Ultimately, a poor culture and team performance costs you a lot of money and often means you lose your talented employees.

If you want to avoid these common challenges and create successful and engaged high performing teams throughout your organisation, then you must deal with these challenges and monitor your workplace culture so that employees have the opportunity to be their best every day.

You must also take action swiftly if you know your team is not operating at its optimum. This will send signals that you care about healthy teams and culture.

A leader’s role is to create an environment where team members themselves are motivated and mobilised to think and behave in ways that get the best results.

To do this, your team will benefit from developing the attributes of strong, high performing teams.

What are STRONG Teams?

STRONG Teams have attributes that are known to be characteristics of high performing teams and organisations. The attributes explain and shape the DNA, or culture, of any great organisation—its people.

An organisation’s culture affects the quality of relationships and all bottom line results. It guides the team and defines the way in which your team members interact with one another and how they interact with clients and customers. It guides what people spend their time on, how they think and what decisions they make.

If you have a STRONG Team, you will see higher productivity and less staff turnover as people are committed to their job and feel valued by their organisation.

If you want an optimum culture that is positive and healthy, where employees thrive in an environment of achievement and growth, then it’s important to take appropriate action to make the attributes of high performing teams a way of life within your organisation.

The STRONG Teams Workshop and Assessment helps you assess and measure the key attributes that are proven to be Attributes of Strong, High Performing Teams.

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